Hi, this is Aminata Belli

She seems to have a genuine interest in everything and everyone, which makes watching her so captivating. 

This talent is probably also partially the reason she is so engaged when it comes to matters of discrimination. Based on her own experience, but also living in a multicultural city like Berlin, she shares her or her friends experiences and isn’t shy to call out grievances. Having a strong opinion on a lot of political definitely sets her aside from most other influencers. 

Aminata’s day must have more than 24 hours or at least this seems to be the only plausible answer to how she manages what feels like 3 careers at once. Studying fashion journalism in Hamburg, she went on to working as a fashion journalist the moment she graduated. Parallel to that she started her youtube channel as well as her instagram account and dipped a bit into the stylist game as well. Following demand she extended her journalism background being host to several shows for ZDF, ProSieben, VOX as well as numerous online formats.