Hi, this is Kicki Yang Zhang

Kicki is one of the most humble human beings we’ve ever met. As soon as she puts her mind to something she becomes nearly perfect at it. She also imbeds her roots in a lot of her work and uses her platform to call out grievances that she deems important. 

Kicki Yang Zhang describes herself as A Berlin based, Chinese girl who isn’t sure if she’s quite grown up yet. Grown up or not, she definitely kicks ass. Working as a model, an influencer, youtuber, painter and illustrator Kickis talents seem to not fit into boxes. She worked for brands like Gucci, Adidas, Asos and too many more to name developing creative concepts and executing everything from the idea to the actual production up until editing and adding her very own illustrations to it. She also does life painting sessions at events and has had her own exhibition in Berlin.