Hi, this is Maria Bernad

“I always find more inspiration in art than in social media. You can’t find anything new on Instagram. I’d much rather go to a museum and look at 200-year-old paintings and be inspired by the colors or the composition.” 

Fun Fact, she also has a thing for the song "Friday I’m in love” by The Cure.

Maria Bernad is not just a walking fashion crush but also owns and curates her own vintage and up-cycling clothing collection (Les Fleurs Studio).

She describes herself as a Spanish creative with international projection based in Madrid.

With studies in Fashion Design and Art, she works as a designer, creative director and stylist. She’s a regular at every important Fashion Week around the globe and has become a 

street-style favourite.

Her signature look is a mix of feminine pieces and menswear items. 

Originally she wanted to be an archeologist, having a thing for Egypt and Greece’s history, later on studying fine arts and becoming an artist was up for discussion. That might also explain her unusual sense for style.