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MADWOMEN is a Berlin based collective for women that think differently. 

We like to embrace diversity and female empowerment especially among various cultures. Women supporting women who all bring a different skill set to the table.

MADWOMEN Collective, MADWOMEN Agency and MADWOMEN Productions

are the three pillars of MADWOMEN founded by Marlen Stahlhuth and Larteyley von Hippel.


We focus on art direction, production, talent placement and social media.


Our vision for the MADWOMEN collective is to expand and connect women in the creative world and explore how to push each other. With a history in visual productions, we work together with creatives in the fields of photography, styling, hair&make-up, art, djing and modelling. We are open to any form of expressing creativity and are always looking to expand our team.


MADWOMEN would like to work with brands that share the same view and points on diversity and feminism.

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